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Experience a Vastu aligned Meditative Space, Room, or Whole Home

Vastu is a Sanskrit word that essentially translates as "sacred dwelling space."  Vastu is a system of organizing constructed space based on the natural order of the Universe.  Vastu is related to Yoga and Ayurveda.  Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method of placement, originates from Vastu. Practically speaking, Vastu Design is esoteric design, or deep interior design. 


As a Vastu Designer, I view a Home or Business from a Five Element perspective. Five Element Theory is an ancient understanding that is somewhat like a combination of contemporary Biology, Physics, and Astronomy.  I also read astrological charts to locate and describe the qualities of a Home or Business owner's energetic potential.   Our underlying energetic potentials manifest into physical reality. Ultimately, by balancing the Five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in a Home or Office, I am able to help strengthen a successful connection with the energetic environment.



Click on the image above to read my article on Vastu for Energy Works Magazine

Vastu Redesign

After receiving the Vastu Design Reading, we can go deeper into Vastu Design by redesigning your Meditation Room, Whole Home or Office to maximize its full potential of manifesting your personal energy. This will in turn increase your prosperity.  Vastu Redesign involves using your existing furnishing to maximize functionality, but can involve changing paint colors, furnishings, furnishing accent colors and other finishes as desired.


Vastu Redesign is dependent on project size and extent of remediation.  Price varies.