Home Staging

Home staging is an important selling tool to capture and sustain buyers' interest.  I use home staging to inspire and showcase value in real estate. 


Home Staging Inspection


I assess the home from the perspective of potential buyers, revealing what they are consciously and unconsciously

reacting to.  I provide general information and hands-on staging techniques to improve the buyer's positive perception of the home. 


Optimum Staging


I utilize your existing furnishings along with my inventory of lifestyle merchandising home goods to stage the home.  I will assess market comparatives, buyer demographics, and recommend vendors as needed. Depending on home size and staging needs this process could take approximately 1-2 days or longer and may involve painting, additional shopping for merchandise, and miscellaneous home repairs. Price varies.

Interior Redesign

Changing the Function & Personality of Your Home

Interior Redesign is about using home staging techniques to make the most with what you have by creating fuinctional environments that speak to your needs, style, and lifestyle.  

Redesign your home as a profitable airbnb.com rental.  I have years of experience operating an airbnb.com room rental out of my home.  I will redesign your interior rental space to best meet the needs of potential guests.