• Erik Forster

Growing My Business in a Changing World!

It’s clear that the world is going digital--fast! How we communicate and how we do business is becoming increasingly digital in nature. As a Realtor entering my sixth year of selling real estate in New York’s Hudson Valley and branching out to South Florida, I look to the digital world to provide solutions to better connect with my clients while growing my business. Like many of us, I’m on a handful of social media platforms and I routinely communicate on multiple devices connected to the internet, but do I really know how to best communicate and grow my business digitally? A: Somewhat but with $70B reportedly spent on Digital Marketing and a projected $120B by 2021, I can definitely learn more. My quest to gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing lead me to the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. Udacity.com is an online learning platform offering succinct technical online education in any array of emerging subjects including Digital Marketing. The nanodegree is a 3 month, fast paced, and information dense program covering all areas of online marketing. My Goals are to connect and inform existing clients of market updates, new listings, and design trends and to also reach out to new customers looking to escape their busy routines in search of a more peaceful lifestyle. I’ve just started and I already have a better understanding of how to connect with customers seeking my services online by optimizing my social media content. I’m looking forward to increasing my skills and my online presence in an ever changing world. For updates on my journey, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin!

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